Using MBTI To Understand Why You Don’t Get along With Some People

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MBTI is an analytical tool. But its shortcoming is that it does not provide synthesis–i.e. actionable takeaways.

But, I have now started exploring how MBTI can be used to understand why some people don’t get along with some other types of people. Can MBTI be used to diagnose this kind of phenomenon? I got an early answer recently.

I seem to not get along a certain kind of people well. It seems as though my horoscope does not match these people! I have done some very preliminary research and have found that these people are Sensing types (the second dimension/alphabet of MBTI). I am an N (Intuitive type) on this dimension. And this mismatch is mainly in cases where the other person is a J (Judging type) on the 4th dimension of MBTI–just like I am. Now, below is the explanation.

J (Judging) types form views and are a bit closed about those views. The opposite type is P (Perceiving).  P types may not form views easily, and if they form views they are more open and exploratory about those views.

So, if 2 people who are both Judging types, have different preference on the second dimension (Sensing/Intuitive), it will create a problem. Why? Because both people will arrive at different judgments. Why? Because, both types use a different method to form their judgments. The S type uses mainly his/her senses for cognition, and hence often takes things on face value. The N type uses his Intuition/feeling for for cognition, and hence add his/her own meaning or interpretation to the available facts and figures.

Note: If you have also seen evidence to support/refute my theory, please answer this poll. It will serve as good feedback for me!

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