The Scenario In Which Your Relationship Is Unlikely To Work


The Scenario

Your relationship is not going to work, if your world-view conflicts with the world-view of the person you are in relationship with!

  • In case of a couple: If one of you believes that life is about being self-dependent and the other believes in supporting-each-other!
  • In case of 2 business partners: If one partner believes that entrepreneurship is about falling in love intensely with your work, and the other believes that one needs to be more pragmatic
  • In case of 2 friends: If one friends believes that tactfulness is the right behavior in social situations, and the other believes that candor is the right approach.
A Brief Explanation

Our world-views shape our behavior. Hence, 2 people having conflicting world-views are going to behave in conflicting ways.

For example, a mission-oriented business partner will think long-term while the pragmatic business partner will think of short-term results. A business partner in love with his work will be more comfortable in tolerating uncertainty, while the pragmatic business partner will get nervous in such a situation.


Check if your world-view conflicts with the people you are in relationship with. If your world-view is in conflict with theirs, sooner or later problems will arise.

If you want to be really happy in your relationships, there are only 2 options: Either align your world-views mutually, or peacefully part ways.

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